Our Sessions


If you want to shred your abs, tighten your core and improve your posture, our HardCORE class is the perfect place for you.


You'll go completely at your own pace in these sessions, progressing your full-body strength week on week with our expert coaches on hand to make sure your form is on point and to give you that extra push when you need it for one more rep.


You can achieve your fat loss goals with these quick but super tough cardio-based workouts that'll get your blood pumping and leave you feeling accomplished, satisfied and sweaty.


If you're looking for a way to improve your strength and endurance but don’t fancy a super-sweaty HIIT session, pilates is perfect for you. Slower paced than our other classes but just as effective, our pilates class will strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, and leave you feeling calm and at peace after every class.


Fancy something a little different for your next workout? Our fusion class combines elements of pilates, yoga and tai-chi with strength training and relaxation routines to give you a well-rounded workout that’ll have you feeling stronger and fitter, but also much calmer and in tune with your body.


If you’re looking to build your speed, power and endurance, look no further than our kettlebell classes. We’ll show you how to work every muscle group, shred body fat and increase your stamina with just a couple of kettlebells.


Need that extra push to stay consistent? Come along to our boot camps to experience some seriously sweaty workouts that’ll leave you excited and motivated to keep coming back week after week.


Running always feels less painful with your pals. Join our running club to be put through your paces by our expert running coach, and build up your stamina without risking injury.


Batter out the week's frustrations and up your skills with our awesome kickboxing classes. Perfect for all levels of fitness.


Our boxing classes are ideal if you fancy a mix of cardio, building strength and releasing any pent-up frustrations from everyday life.
Meet the people

Our Team

Martin Deans

“Martin took the time to listen to my personal goals and aspirations – then developed a bespoke training package to support them. With an aim to run my first ever ultra-marathon he focused on my previous training, the races I’d done before and injury history to really hone the key areas to work on.” Martin’s super fit client Carl had BIG goals and with Martin’s patience, attention to detail and expert knowledge, Carl absolutely smashed it. No goal is too extravagant, out of reach or far-fetched for our Martin - in fact, he gets as much from the challenge as you do, and he’ll be with you every step of the way on your journey towards them.

Adam Reid

“How do you turn an unfit individual who hates the gym into someone who trains most days and now considers the gym their happy place? Train with Adam, that’s how.” That’s what Gaynor thinks, and after training with Adam for nearly 6 years, she’s an expert. Whether you’re stepping foot in the gym for the first time in your life or you’re looking to level-up your training with a coach, Adam has the knowledge, expertise and charisma to give you the push you need.

Fiona Dennis

“One year on my self-esteem is through the roof and I can confidently train on my own in the gym. Fiona’s guidance, education and support has got me thriving in all areas of my life.” Fiona’s client Louise came to her with one goal in mind - dropping some body fat before her holiday. But what began as weight loss transformed into a full lifestyle, physique and mindset overhaul for Louise. Fiona is so much more than just a PT - she’ll be your biggest fan, your proudest supporter and the voice in your head that says “one more rep”. She’s got your back whatever your goals may be, and she’ll make sure you exceed your own expectations.

Allan Shannon

“12 weeks on and I hit my goal without having to sacrifice my lifestyle. Be prepared to put in the effort - Allan will give you the winning formula and encourage and guide you every step along the way.” Lorna went from miserable fad diets and constantly losing and regaining the same few pounds every month to finally enjoying gym sessions, having tasty treats as and when she fancied and STILL smashing her goal with Allan. She’s right - you’ve got to put in the work - but with Allan’s support, knowledge and positivity you’ll be charging towards your goals in no time.

Sarah Pagan

“Sarah not only had to help me develop physically, but she also had to support me mentally to help me build my confidence and encourage me to find my place on the gym floor. It sounds cliché to say but everyone was a beginner once, and you in a year’s time will look back and be amazed at how much you have achieved.” Sarah’s awesome client Gemma was a complete beginner to all things health and fitness. Now she’s got the confidence and knowledge to take control of her health and fitness journey thanks to Sarah’s guidance and consistent support. Gemma has proven that with time, effort and faith in your coach, you can achieve amazing things.

Grant Yuil

“He is extremely patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and great fun. No two sessions are the same which helps to keep me interested and motivated.” Grant’s client Eleanor knows what it’s like to be a complete beginner in the gym. With Grant’s help, she’s getting stronger and fitter with every session and now feels at home on the gym floor. Grant’s banter (and maybe his expert knowledge too) keeps her coming back week on week to train with him.